One of the very best narrative features at Sundance this year.” DENNIS HARVEY, SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN


“It's a movie of considered silences and deliberate pacing, superbly acted and surprising in its cumulative power.SCOTT FOUNDAS, VILLAGE VOICE


“…a poignantly observed look at two lonely, small-town Texas gay men and the people of significance in their lives.” PETER DEBRUGE, VARIETY


“ of the best movies I have seen all year... the cast here is so stupendous...” RALPH GRECO, SHORTANDSWEETLA


9 out of 10…reveals an Altmanesque finesse in developing so many characters equally.” DON SIMPSON, SMELLS LIKE SCREEN SPIRIT


“...a film of quiet dignity and comes into focus as gradually as it wins you over." CHRIS VOGNAR, DALLAS MORNING NEWS


“Echoing Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, the movie views homoerotic yearning in a refreshingly non-sensationalistic context...” ERIC KOHN, INDIEWIRE


“Yen Tan’s gift for long takes and his comfort with silences makes demands on the audience that films ought to make — and pays them back with a surprising happy ending.” B. RUBY RICH, FILM QUARTERLY


“...a film of formidable emotional resonance. Excels in instances of extraordinary empathy...” RONAN DOYLE, NEXT PROJECTION


Emotionally raw, unrelentingly honest, and dramatically feasible, here’s a terrifically acted romp that deserves a lengthy art house run.” BRANDON JUDELL, CULTURECATCH


"...the best American queer film of the year." DANIEL WALBER, FILM.COM


“...offers a nuanced take on the interstitial nature of his characters’ relationships to one another...” MATTHEW CONNOLLY, FILM COMMENT


Go see it...masterfully sad and poignantly touching, with some rich moments of characterization...” PETER SIMEK, D MAGAZINE